Monday, March 2, 2009

Right to Privacy...A Thing of the Past?

What can possibly be the reasoning that could be used to justify taking away a union member's right to privacy when they vote on union matters? For that matter, what could be the justification for ever removing anyone's right to privacy when voting on any matter?
That Obama and the Democrats in general would support such a move is indictative of the lack of understand they have of the original intent of the founding fathers when they wrote the Constitution.
Our founding fathers fought the revolution to get away from a dictitorial central government, the English Monarchy. They fought the revolution to have the freedom to worship Christ (not God; Christ!) in the manner they wished. They fought the revolution to protect the average citizen's inalienable (God-Given; not man-given) right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Now, the government wishes to pass legislation which will make union members vote in a public vote, not a secret vote, on any union issues or a decision to align with the unions or not. What right does the Federal Government have to stick their noses into this issue anyhow. The union members should decide this; not the Federal Government.
The Government usurped much of these intrusional tactics when they misused the intent of the 14th amendment and started implying that amendment gave the Federal Government the right to override a sovereign state's laws if the federal courts thought that state's laws were in violation of the Constitution. Our founders wrote the Constitution to prohibit the Federal Government from doing exactly that, but the idiots on the U.S. Supreme Court that tied the second amendment together with the fourteenth amendment

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